Saturday, September 13, 2008

Karmic life in business

Indian business professes great faith in the karmic way of life. Business leaders have abided by the karmic faith in their personal lives . Their business philosophy and business ethics are derived on the karmic theory. Business leaders from both extremes of the spectrum professed their faith in karma.

This blog is a way of exploring the karmic philosophy - its impact on business and the investment experiences based on the applied karmic thought.

Let us evaluate the present scenario in Indian Business.
More than ever before, Indian business is conscious of its wealth. Leaders are unable to keep their eyeballs off their group market capitalisation and cant bear to see themselves compared unfavorably with peers. In fact, siblings are warring over their wealth and the war had even spilt over into the market capitalisation of their respective companies.

This represents a significant shift from how business leaders looked at themselves, their role as businessmen , the purpose of their wealth and the way their wealth was to borne by their legatees.

Sharing of wealth was as important as the creation of wealth. The two were meant to travel together in the journey of a business. This was the hallmark of a business managed by the karmic businessmen of the 20th century.

It is ironic that both scrupulous law abiding businessmen as well as those who believed that common greater good meant breaking rules to achieve their end goal practised the karmic way of life. The wealth that pervaded their lives barely affected them and they lived simple lives with minimum personal needs, material detachment and total devotion to their duty and purpose.

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